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Dear Customer

As a customer who may or may not procure products using AC125 “Chromate” or Alochrome you may be aware that under the Article 33 of the REACH regulations “Chromium” has been given a sunset date of September 2017 after which time the substance will not be available without prior authorisation.

TWS already offers REACH compliant Aluminium passivation in the form of Iridite & Surtec 650 (please contact myself if you would like any further information on these products), and these are already common industry standard products.

In light of this directive TWS will cease to offer “Chromate” as part of its standard finish range from January 1st 2017 however it will be able to support customers who require this finish on site until March 1st 2017 and then via a subcontract facility until the sunset date of September 2017 TWS is committed to all its customers and will work with you on any issues you may have regarding this change over to ensure that the quality and finish of the product continues to meet the high standards that you expect.

We hope you understand that we are legally required to meet the requirements of this directive and ensure that our employees continue to enjoy a safe and healthy working environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information or clarification on this issue and again thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely
Chris Cook
QHSE Manager